His parents

Door: rpm_bln

were Siegmund and Ruth L. Fischel. His mother left a testimonial for him on Yad Vashem, his middle name is Moshe, nickname Fredy. His brother is Siegbert and sister Mignon. They lived at Prenzlauer Allee 49 in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg and Oranienburger Str. 23 in Berlin Mitte. Siegmund and Ruth emigrated to Shanghai circa 1940 and lived at 416/39 Tongshan Lu. Siegmund was previously a businessman and insurance agent in Berlin, but a book dealer and President of the Jewish Community in Shanhai until 1947. He was born on 28.06.1898, and at an unknown time in the USA, where he and his wife emigrated sometime after 1947. Ruth Leopoldine Fischel, nee Wangenheim, was born on 28.06.1898 and died on 31.05.1992 in New York.

If anybody has any more information on place of birth of parents and when the father Siegmund passed away in the US, I would appreciate it.

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