Funeral registers

Register of persons buried on a Jewish cemetry.

The following funeral registers/files were used to produce the Jewish Digital Monument:

Register of deaths of the Rotterdam Dutch-Jewish Community.
Rotterdam municipal archive, Archive of the Rotterdam Dutch-Jewish Community

List of persons for whom a commemorative plaque was placed between May 1940 and May 1945 at the Moscowa Jewish cemetery in Arnhem. In a few cases people were actually buried there.
Website van Rob Mayer en Nechamah Mayer-Hirsch

Register of deaths of the Haarlem Dutch-Jewish Community.
Kennemerland archive service, archive of the Haarlem Dutch-Jewish Community; J. Kesnar has made an index of the funeral register, which has been published by the Nederlandse Kring voor Joodse Genealogie

Register of deaths of the Gouda Dutch-Jewish Community.
Hollands Midden regional archive, file of Jewish families in Gouda 1750-1950

Register of deaths of the Katwijk Jewish cemetery.
W.F. van Zegsveld, De Joden van Leiden, Capelle aan de IJssel, 1988-1993) Vol. 3

Data file of Jews deceased in Friesland and buried at a Jewish cemetery between 1940 and 1945.
Tresoar. File based on data from C. Caran and from J. Brilleman and H. Beem

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