Corrections and additions

The site you can help us build

Since the Monument went online, in 2005, visitors to the website have been invited to contribute data. Between 2005 and 2010 the editors processed ten thousands of additions and corrections. These additions can be recognised by the notice "Addition of a visitor of the website". Since 2010 this information can only be added by visitors themselves on the Community Jewish Monument. If necessary the editors will process your information. For this reason all additions are monitored. Here follow some examples of the information you could provide:

• Personal details

In general, the personal details and spelling correspond to those in the municipal records for 1941. These may contain inaccuracies or omissions, however. Corrections and additions with regard to name, date of birth or death, occupation or the person’s final place of residence are all welcome.

• Family relations

If you have information about the composition of a family, you can help to reconstruct that family. Bear in mind that the Monument’s family records are based on households. Only those living at the same address are counted as belonging to a family. Children living away from home are counted as people with their own households, according to this definition.

• Biographical information

Biographical information can shed a lot of light on someone’s character and life. If you know any stories about people listed in the Monument, these can be added to the website. Bibliographical and archival references can also be added to the space for notes. Where published sources are concerned, please take account of copyright.

• Photographs and documents

It is also possible to add photographs of individuals, families or objects associated with a person or family to the website. Documents, such as letters and diplomas, can also be scanned in and added.

Alternatively, you can make an appointment with a member of staff of the Digital Monument. We have the facilities needed for scanning photographs and documents. You can bring your material in or send it to us. We will give your material back (or send it to you) as soon as the scans have been made. For the address and telephone number, see Contact on this site.

Donating material to the Jewish Historical Museum

If you are looking for a good home for your photographs, documents or other material, you may want to consider donating them to the Jewish Historical Museum. The photographs and documents collection is managed by the Resource Centre. Historical objects and artworks are dealt with by the Collections Management department. You can find the contact details of these departments on the Acquisitions page of the museum’s website.

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