Memorial books

Books listing the names of shoa victims in commemoration of particular Jewish communities.

The following memorial books were used for the Digital Monument:

Kaddisj. Ter nagedachtenis van de joodse Rotterdamse burgers 1940-1945. With an introduction by A.W. Oosthoek (Rotterdam: Gemeentearchief Rotterdam/ Published by Ad. Donker bv, 2000)

Yigael Benjamin, They were our friends. A memorial for the members of the Hachsharot and the Hehalutz underground in Holland murdered in the holocaust (Jerusalem 1990)

I.B. van Creveld, Het wezen van wezen. Joodse wezen in Den Haag 1850-1943; een monument (Den Haag 2001)

Leonard Kasteleyn, Joden in Leiden en omgeving 1933-1945 (Leiden 2003)

R.P.M. Rhoen, Zij zochten adullam in Zeist. Overzicht van de joodse inwoners van de gemeente Zeist, 1940-1945 (Zeist 1996)

Numerous other books were used for the biographical additions on the website. The titles of these books are given as a source with every text.

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