The fate of Alexander van Tijn.

Alexander van Tijn, the eldest son of Izaak van Tijn and Saartje van Meer, was born on 19 August 1902 in Den Haag. In 1905, he moved with his parents to Utrecht, where he was employed later as an office clerk. Presumably he had also - unsuccesfully - his own bussiness, which has been declared bankrupt by verdict of the District Court of Utrecht on 13 March 1929.

In early 1930 he moved from Utrecht back to Amsterdam and in 1934 to Hilversum, where his father died in 1936. His last known address was again in Utrecht, where he lived at  Bolksbeekstraat 22 bis-a.

Alexander van Tijn had child born out of wedlock who survived the war as a non-Jewish child. (Addition of a visitor of the website.)

On 30 April 1943, Alexander was arrested and carried off to Westerbork, where he was housed in barrack 60. On 4 May he was put on transport to Sobibor, and upon arrival there on 7 May 1943, immediately murdered in the gas chambers.

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