Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg

Institution responsible for bringing the household effects left behind by Jews from the Netherlands, Belgium and France to the German government apparatus in Eastern Europe.

Alfred Rosenberg was Hitler's representative in occupied Eastern Europe. His service was dedicated to seizing all possessions of the ’enemies of National Socialism‘, including Jewish organizations, freemasons and others. The chief aim was to loot art and other cultural assets (including archives and libraries) and bring them to Germany.
Rosenberg is believed to have arranged for the household effects left behind by Jews to be used to furnish offices and homes of German officials. In the Netherlands the homes of Jews were emptied (this practice was also known as pulsing) under supervision of the Hausraterfassungsstelle. Most of the looted furniture was not actually sent to Eastern Europe but instead ended up with Rosenberg‘s cronies in the Ruhr area.

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