Who are the makers of the Monument?


Who are the makers of the Monument?
The Digital Monument to the Jewish Community in the Netherlands is an initiative of Professor I. Lipschits. The project is funded by the Dutch Association of Insurance Companies and through donations. The Foundation set up to manage the grant and produce the monument has commissioned the International Institute of Social History to carry out the plans. The website has been designed and built by Mediamatic interactive publishing.

The board of the Foundation Digital Monument to the Jewish Community in the Netherlands comprises the following members:

F. Ensel, Esq., chairman (until April 2003: A. Ph. Hertog, Esq.)
Professor E.J. Fischer, secretary (Managing Director of the Dutch Association of Insurance Companies, Endowed Professor, University of Amsterdam)
Drs R.M. Naftaniel, treasurer (Director of CIDI)
Professor I.B.H. Abram (APS Utrecht) (since June 2002)
Dr M.W. van Boven (Director of the National Archive)
Professor F.N. Stokman (Professor, University of Groningen)

Professor K.M. Hofmeester is the director of the Foundation (since June 2005)

The board of the Foundation has formed an Advisory Board comprising experts from different fields to advise the Foundation board.

The following persons serve on the Advisory Board:
Drs J.M.L. van Bockxmeer (NIOD)
Drs J. Cahen (Jewish Historical Museum)
Drs M. Hazelzet (
A. Ph. Hertog, Esq., chairman (mayor of Haarlemmermeer)
Drs F. Hoek (formerly with KPMG)
Drs H. Marres-Schretlen (Bureau Herkomst Gezocht)
Drs J. Sanders (Dutch-Jewish Congregation)
Drs H.A.J. van Schie (National Archive)
J.Ch.P. Simons, Esq. (Ministry of Finance)
Drs H.G. Vuijsje (Joods Maatschappelijk Werk)
Professor W.C. Ultee (University of Nijmegen)

IISH staff assigned to the project:
Professor Lex Heerma van Voss: supervisor
Professor Karin Hofmeester: project manager
Dr. Kees Mandemakers: information analyst
Drs Daniël Metz: archival research and text editing
Drs Margreet Schrevel: text revision
Dr Sjaak van der Velden: data entry supervisor
Tine Sierink and Jaroen Kuijper: IT support

Data entry:
Astrid van Baalen
Chestin Bakker
Theo Bonfrer
Bart Brouns
Maud Everwijn
Peter de Gruyter
Elke Jacobs
Remco Kappelhof
Marja Koster
Anke Niehof
Robert Stalman
Jorn Waaijer

Louis Kossen and Mark Scholtens worked on behalf of the IISH as programmers for the Monument.

Lee Mitzman and Anne Lee translated the texts into English.

The Nederlands Instituut voor Wetenschappelijk Informatiediensten designed the data entry procedure for the project during the initial stage.

Mediamatic interactive publishing designed and built the website.

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