Adolf Hitler founded and ran the NSDAP, was the party‘s leader and head of state of Nazi Germany and was commander in chief of the armed forces from 1933 through April 1945.

In 1920 he founded the NSDAP, a political party that propagated the Nazi ideology. Hitler was soon elected party leader. The party was assisted by the militant gang of thugs the SA. After an abortive coup attempt in Munich, Hitler was imprisoned and wrote Mein Kampf, in which he disclosed his racist perception of the future. Following his release, Hitler decided to propel his party to power through the electoral process. The SA and the SS were important vehicles toward this objective. Within a few years the NSDAP became the largest party in Germany. In 1933 Hitler was appointed Chancellor and thus became the most powerful man in the country. By abolishing the established political system and setting aside the constitution, he became an autocrat and introduced Nazism as the state ideology.

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