The fate of Anna Witt-Cohn and her son Ernst Alfred Witt.

Anna Witt-Cohn (1882-1942), her husband Hugo Jakob Witt passed already in 1925, was in hinding with the Metselaar family at Krugerlaan 149 in Gouda. 21 October 1942 she was detained, deported and killed in Auschwitz-Birkenau 5 November 1942. The daughter of the Metselaar family, Mies Metselaar, was engaged and had given notice of marriage in 1938 with Ernst Alfred Witt, the son of Anna Witt-Cohn. At the Auswanderungsantrages (emigration application) of Ernst Alfred, made out 24 March 1942, he was ledig (unmarried) with child. It is very likely that he and Mies had a child in 1941. This child, a girl, Het is zeer waarschijnlijk dat hij en Mies in 1941 een kind hebben gekregen. This child, a girl, was relinguished for adoption shortly afther she was born. Ernst Alfred has been killed 28 February 1943 in Auschwitz-Birkenau and Mies passed away in 1950 in Rotterdam, at the age of 46. This child is know named Tanja Mak and lives in Rotterdam

Source: Joods Gouda II (Jewish Gouda, volume II) by Tom Verwaijen, page 84. (ISBN 978-94-62-28758-7).

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