About Karl Heinz Pfeffer and his family.

Karl Heinz Pfeffer, attorney, was born in Düsseldorf in 1906 as son of Salomon Pfeffer and Anna Marum. He married 12 September 1932 in Laren (NH) with the there residing Henriëtte de Leeuw, a daughtger of Joseph de Leeuw and Catharina Schönberg. The couple had two sons, namely Jan Peter in 1934 and Thomas in 1936.

Since 6 October 1938 the couple lived at Milletstraat 27 3rd floor in Amsterdam, but moved 22 August 1940 to Engweg 16 in Laren. After having lived at Noolseweg 39 in Blaricum, the family moved 17 August 1942 to Oude Schans 90 2nd floor in Amsterdam and per 12 Jue 1943 to Reitzstraat 25 1st. stock.

26 May 1943 the Karl Heinz Pfeffer family was deported to Camp Westerbork. He self was employed there on behalf of the Jewish Council and he stayed at barack 41. Both his children and their mother stayed at first in barack 58 but were later transferred to barack 61. Mother stayed in barack 58.

25 February 1944 all were put on transport from Westerbork to Theresienstadt, where they stayed  a few months, until they were deported 18 May 1944 from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz. Karl Heinz Pfeffer, his wife Henriëtte de Leeuw and his children Jan Peter and Thomas were eventually killed there 7 July 1944.

City Archive of Amsteram, archive cards of Karl Heinz Pfeffer, Henriette de Leeuw, Joseph de Leeuw en Anna Pfeffer Marum; the file cabinet of the Jewish Council, registration cards of Karl Heinz Pfeffer, Henriette de Leeuw, Jan Peter en Thomas Pfeffer en Anna Pfeffer Marum.


PS: the official dates of death as recorded in 1949 in the respective certificates of death, have been changed into 7 July 1944 by order of the District Court of Amsterdam 21 June 1957.


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