Add photo or document

You can add your own images to ‘Joods Monument’. This can be a photo, or a document. In the latter case, you will need a digitised version, a scan for instance. The image needs to be in the standard JPEG-format. If you need help with this, you can contact the editors of Joods Monument. Our email address is:

You can only add an image if you are a registered user at Joods Monument. Information about how to sign up can be found here. If you already have an account at Joods Monument, you can log in directly with your email and password. Go to the homepage and click on log in/sign up at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

You can add images to the personal page of the person the image is about. To do this, you click on the red button ‘contribute+’ at the bottom right-hand corner of the personal page. You will then be redirected to a special page with different options for contributions.

Now you choose ‘Add media’.  Then a short form for adding media items, such as a photo , appears. First, you can indicate who is allowed to see the image. The default option is all visitors of the monument, but you can also opt for only registered members of the monument. After that, you click on dark grey button with the picture of a camera and the words ‘add media item’

A new window appears which asks for a file from your computer. You click on ‘Choose file’. Then you select a JPEG-file of the image you want to add. Below that under caption,  you have to type a short description. Then click on the red button on the bottom right-hand corner ‘upload file’. Please note: You only have to do this once. Even if you want to add this file to several people’s personal pages, you only have ‘to upload’ the file once.


A new window opens. There you see the image you want to place on Joods Monument and below that three buttons.

The first button is checked and grey, this means that this part has already been completed. You have already provided a short description. If you move your mouse to ´edit’ and click on it, you can read the description again. You can also still add or change something. If you now click on ‘save’, the image and the description are saved. Because you are working from a personal page, the image will be shown directly on the personal page of this person.


Two buttons still haven’t been checked yet.

The second button concerns adding people.  This button is very important. Often, there are several people in a photo. If you want to add this image to several people, you can do this directly. Do not add the photo again or ‘upload’ the file again.

How to add several people to one picture: you simply move your mouse down until it is on the words ‘tag people’. Click on this. This opens a new window, here you type the name of the second person in the picture.  A list of suggested people then appears. Move your mouse to the right person and click on it. You briefly see a message saying  “added the connection to “ The image is  then automatically linked to this second person. You can repeat this process a couple of times. This way, you can add the same image to several different personal pages at the same time. Scroll down and click on the red button ‘save and close.’

You will now be redirected to the form. You will see that one button still hasn’t been checked. The button copyright.

When you do not want to ‘tag’ more persons or when there is only one person in the picture, you can skip this second button and go directly to the third button about copyright.

Move your mouse to the sentence ‘edit copyright’ and click on it. You can now choose from three options. With the first you give permission for others to re-use your contribution for non-commercial purposes. For this, they have to mention your name and the source ( Other options are also possible. You can choose the option free for use (this is commercial and non-commercial use), or all rights reserved. Please note: only if you took the photo yourself you are automatically copyright holder. Make your choice and click the red button ‘save and close’

Now all three buttons have been checked. You are nearly done. Finally, you click the red button ‘save’ at the bottom right-hand corner. Your work is now saved on Joods Monument.

You can always look and edit your contribution later. How to this is described in ‘edit picture’.


Colorized Pictures

Regarding the colorizing of original black and white pictures we have a strict policy. For more information click here.


All rights reserved