Activities directed against the forces of occupation.

Forms of resistance included helping those who were persecuted go into hiding, printing and distributing underground newspapers, performing acts of sabotage and all minor and major acts against the occupation policy.
Several resistance groups existed in the Netherlands, including the Landelijke Organsatie voor Hulp aan Onderduikers (LO) and the affiliated Landelijke Knokploegen [national squads of thugs] (LKP); the NV group, Kriterion, the Utrechts Kindercomité [Utrecht children‘s committee], the Trouw group, the Ordedienst (OD), the Oranje Vrijbuiters, De Nederlandse Volksmilitie [Dutch popular militia], the Westerweel group, the Gerritsen group, CS-6, the Raad van Verzet [resistance council] and the artists‘ resistance, in which Gerrit van der Veen was a key operator.

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