Vught concentration camp

Concentration camp at Vught near ’s-Hertogenbosch.

Vught concentration camp was built in January 1943. Political prisoners, criminals and Jews were assigned forced labour and interned here. Jews were separated from the other camp inmates.
Jewish workers from Amsterdam holding economic exemptions were the first to arrive at Vught. Later, when Rauter banished all remaining Jews from the provinces, these Jews were sent to Vught as well. Factories operated on the Vught grounds, including some from Philips, where Jews were put to work. Several Jews survived thanks to this Philips commando.
Vught was in fact a labour transit camp, and in the course of 1943 heavy forced labour was performed outside the camp as well. Eventually the Jewish prisoners were deported from Vught via Westerbork (and in some cases directly) to the East. For additional information about Vught concentration camp, see: www.nmkampvught.nl

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