Wannsee Conference

Conference at an estate on the Wannsee near Berlin, where the plans for the total extermination of the Jewish race were formulated and elaborated for implementation on 20 January 1942.

The meeting, convened by Reinhard Heydrich, adopted the Endlösung [Final Solution] in civilian policy. To this end, some high-ranking officials had to be persuaded to agree to the plan.
Heydrich prepared the conference carefully and was assisted by leaders of the SS, including Adolf Eichmann. Amid the peaceful setting, where the guests wanted for nothing, agreement was reached without any significant obstacles.
The protocol drafted during the meeting elaborates the policies for the extermination program. Estimates were made of the number of Jews to be eliminated in the areas occupied by Nazi Germany. The total number of Jews in this area (including Russia) was estimated at 11 million. Over 160,000 Jews were assumed to be in the Netherlands.

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