About Edgar Henri Kan

Edgar Henri Kan was married. The couple had no children. They lived in Amsterdam. He was a wholesaler in rags and scrap metal.
Edgar Henri Kan belonged to the Interior Forces, region 10/Amsterdam. He carried out various resistance activities: being a member of the Knokploegen (heavies team), transport of weapons and ammunition, co-operation on the illegal publication 'Het Parool'. He took part in an attack on Klene's Confectionery factory to seize food for people in hiding. This went wrong and he was picked upon 5 January 1945.
On 4 January 1945, the resistance shot down a few NSB officers who worked in the Spieghelschool at the Amsterdam Marnixstraat near the Leidseplein. The school was at that time in use as a check-in post for the Arbeitseinsatz. In retaliation, Edgar Henri Kan and 25 others were executed by firing squad on 5 January 1945.
NIOD, Erelijst Verzet en Koopvaardij, database made by J.W. de Leeuw

Edgar Henri Kan joined the resistance during the war. On 6 January 1945 he was shot for these activities. After the war, Edgar Kan was reburried at the Eerebraafplaats (Field of Honour) near Bloemendaal.
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