About Duifje Lopes Cardozo-Kosman

 Duifje Kosman was a daughter of the florist by trade Barend Kosman and Leentje Pachter. She married  4 May 1931 in Amsterdam to David Lopes Cardozo, who lived in Antwerp, a son of Wolf Lopes Cardozo and Kate Baruch. Her husband was a diamond polisher. Duifje and David had three children togheter: on 14 February 1922, their daughter Kitty was born in Amsterdam, followed by son Bernard on 21 October 1928 in Deurne (B). Their daughter Lily was born in Johannesburg (S.A.) on 11 May 1931. However the marriage was dissolved by divorce on verdict of the District Court of Amsterdam of 5 March 1936..

After her divorce, Duifje resided at various addresses in Amsterdam, but since November 1938 she lived at Weesperstraat 52 III, with her son Bernard and daughter Lily. Her daughter Kitty was married in 1938 and lived at Weesperstraat 28 III; her ex-husband David Lopes Cardozo stayed in Antwerp. All have been killed in the Shoah.

Duifje was born into a family with six children. Her sister Betsie and brother Gerhard have survived the Holocaust. However, her siblings Michel, Evalina and Maurits have been killed in the Shoah.

City Archive of Amsterdam, family registration card of Barend Kosman and archive card of Duifje Kosman; File cabinet of the Jewish Council of Amsterdam, cards of Duifje Kosman and Kitty Lopes Cardozo; Dossiers of Foreigners of the City of Antwerp no's 151199 (images 9-36) and no 172511 (images 292-328); and an addition of a visitor of the website.