David Cohen Paraira and his family

David and Aaltje Cohen Paraira had two children, who both survived the war. One of the children had formed her own family, but resided with her parents in the Guido Gezellestraat.
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David Cohen Paraira and Aaltje Leefsma had two grandchildren who surived the war.
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In addition, a Jokos file (number 15403) on this family is at the Amsterdam Municipal Archive. Access is subject to authorization from the Stichting Joods Maatschappelijk Werk.The Jokos file reveals that a claim was lodged for compensation for :

- looted jewellery (S-claim, number 4/182)

- valuables surrendered to the Lippmann-Rosenthal looting bank (L-claim, number 2079/5885)