Hartog Gerhard Caneel and his family

Hartog Gerhard Caneel was married to Regina Koopman. They had a son named Mozes. The family lived at 57 Nieuwstraat in Zwolle. On behalf of the Sicherheitspolizei in Zwolle, the police commissioner requested that 44 Jews suspected of having violated German regulations by 'temporarily changing their place of residence without the required authorization' be 'located, detained and brought to trial'. This description referred to Jews who had gone into hiding. Hartog Gerhard Caneel, a wholesaler, was one of these 44 Jews from Zwolle who had gone into hiding.
Algemeen Politieblad, nr 42, 16 October 1942, 1371-1372, notice 1901
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In addition, a Jokos file (number 31862) on this family is at the Amsterdam Municipal Archive. Access is subject to authorization from the Stichting Joods Maatschappelijk Werk.