Vet Industrie 'Govei', Goor

Vennoten Adolf Löwenhardt, Richard Kahn & Erich Stern

GOVEI building in 2015

EN: With the business partners Kahn and Stern, fellow Jewish refugees from Germany, Adolf Löwenhardt founded the ‘Goor Fat Industry’. In November 1936 the town council agreed to sell the firm a piece of land of 700 square metres at the price of 875 Dutch guilders. Here at the Spechthorstweg they built their factory. Its main business was to turn cattle bones into bonemeal. Alas, the GOVEI (GOorse VEt Industrie) as it was called – Adolf’s son Werner drew its corporate identity logo – did not turn into the success that was hoped for. An established Dutch firm in bonemeal by the name of Meyer, Jewish as well, did not appreciate the competition from these ‘German refugees’ and drove up the price of fresh bones. Within three months Meyer managed to push GOVEI off the marketplace and the partners went out of business.

NL: Richard Kahn was in de jaren 1937-1938 samen met Adolf Löwenhardt en Erich Stern vennoot in de firma "Vet Industrie 'Govei'" in Goor. De Govei had tot doel "het fabriceeren van vet, krachtvoer en het drijven van handel daarin" maar verkeerde al na anderhalf jaar in liquidatie doordat ze geen plaats op de Nederlandse markt wist te veroveren. (Dossier KvK Hengelo, nr. 10796)

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