Melamed family tree

Complied using Ellis Island NY Imigration records, a Lithuanian voting record and oral family histories

Chava was daughter to David and Sara/Sure Malamudov (also spelled Melamedoff and others) from Kusernai (Kushan) Lithuania - then part of imperial Russia - in 1895. She had nine siblings. He brother Leib emigrated to USA in 1903. Her brother Abram followed 7 months later in 1904. The brothers took the last name of an uncle, Jacob Blumberg, in New York City -(Louis Hillel Blumberg and Abraham Blumberg). Her sister Sophie came to the USA in 1906. Her sister Fannie also came to the USA. Her mother Sara/Sure (age 58) and her three younger sisters - Toba/Tillie (age 19), Selde/Selma (age 15) and Golde/Goldie (age 13) came to the USA in 1922. Her brother Bengel/Bernhard came to the USA in 1934 but soon returned to the Netherlands and later perished in the Shoah. The sister Liba (also known as Lina) perished in the Shoah.

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