The family of Ernst and Rachel van Coevorden- my grandparents

I am the son of Ernst's youngest son:
Louis van Coevorden  who changed his name [upon arrival in Palestine in 1947 -became Israel in 1948]
to Jehuda Shimoni .
Jehuda was born in Coevorden on 3.4.1919.
Jehuda escaped from Hollandland in January 1942 [with Max Weissglas and the Sanders brothers].
first to Switzerland and then to England via occupied France, Spain -crossing the Pyrenees [oct 1943]. 

In Switzerland  he spend time at the cossonay labor camp.

He was an Englandvarder - all dutch men who escaped to England  during ww2 are called Englandvardes

He crossed the Pyrenees [oct 1943] with Alfred Frank, then to Lisbon Portugal, Gibraltar - and finally to Liverpool 

Jehuda participated in the capture/kidnapping of Adolf Eichman in Argentina in May 1960.

HE was EL-LAL's head of operations at that time.

Iser Harel, Head of The Mossad requested Jehuda to organize an Air flight to Argentina. And the rest is history.

Ernst and Rachel had 4 children: 

Adina Kochba (1917) and Jehuda (1919) survived WW2 and lived in Israel thereafter.
Fritz and his wife Martha perished in 1945 and Yetta died in 1950.
Their children-the grandchildren of Ernst and Rachel [8] grew up in Israel and have married children -all living in Israel.

all the 8 children are grandparents [2018].

the 4 children's names:

Yetta - her children - Edi [1937-1999], Nava -1942

Fritz: his son Efraim Kochba [1943]

Adina kochba: Yachin [1946], Yoseph [1952]

Jehuda: Micah [1947], Bilha [1950], Ilan [1958]


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