Terms of Use

Jewish Monument community Terms of Use

Agreement to abide by these Terms of Use
Before becoming a registered member of the Jewish Monument site (“the site”), users are required to read the Terms of Use and explicitly agree to them.

Definition of Author
A registered member of the Jewish Monument site who publishes content on the site, e.g., in the form of a story or a comment, is considered an Author.

Jewish Monument Editors’ Rights
• Jewish Monument editors reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to judge Authors’ content. The editors reserve the right to edit or remove any content.
• Jewish Monument reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend or terminate a member’s access to the site, e.g., by cancelling a member’s registration and blocking content from specific IP-addresses.
• The above-mentioned measures may be taken if any item in these terms of use is breached, or for other substantive reasons, to be judged solely by the Jewish Monument editors.

Author’s obligations
• Author shall refrain from publishing any content deemed offensive, racist, indecent or illegal (on whatever grounds).
• Author explicitly and irrevocably grants Jewish Community the right to publicize his/her content on the site, and the right to grant third parties permission to use said content, partly or in its entirety, on the site or elsewhere, but solely for non-commercial purposes.
• If Author uses material created by a third party in his/her content, Author is obligated to request prior permission from said third party and to always quote said third party’s name as source. In such an event, Author is obligated to notify the third party about Jewish Monument’s right to publicize Author’s content and to allow it to be used by other third parties for non-commercial purposes.
• Author indemnifies Jewish Community in respect of claims by third parties on the grounds that Author’s content breaches the rights of said third parties.

Registered member’s obligations
• A registered member who wishes to reproduce, partially or in its entirety, another registered member’s content outside the website, e.g., for research or educational purposes, shall request prior permission from the Author of said content, or from the Jewish Community editors.
• Registered members shall at all times exercise the utmost caution with regard to information about others and their identity, out of respect for said others’ privacy and that of their relatives.

Privacy policy
• It is up to the Author whether their own personal details are publicized or kept confidential. Jewish Monument wishes to emphasize that Authors may publish content under a pen name.
• Author explicitly accepts that by publicizing his/her personal details, these details become visible for anyone using the internet and are traceable for search engines.
• Jewish Monument will not use registered members’ details. These details are dealt with securely and confidentially and will not be sold or otherwise made available to third parties.
See also: Digital Jewish Monument disclaimer.

Jewish Monument accepts no liability for any content published on the site, or for any damages whatsoever arising from use of the site or information obtained from the site.

Changes of Terms
• Jewish Monument reserves the right to change these terms of use.
• Registered users shall check the contents of these terms of use every time they visit the site.