German concentration camp in the Alsace, near Strasbourg. Like Vught concentration camp, this camp was under the direct command of the Reichssicherheitshauptamt in Berlin.

The people interned in Natzweiler (a camp also known as Struthof and Natzweiler-Struthof) were 'Nacht und Nebel' ('Night and fog') prisoners. This was a term used for political prisoners, many of them resistance fighters from Western Europe, whom the Germans wanted to see 'go up in smoke'. They were not allowed any contact whatsoever with those at home. In the event of a prisoner’s death, the family was not notified. In 1943, over a hundred Jewish prisoners were transferred from Auschwitz to Natzweiler for use in medical experiments by a German professor from the University of Strasbourg. They were subjected to tests of hormone preparations or medicine to treat typhoid and other diseases. Most of them died from the consequences of these experiments.

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