Labour camp in Poland from which some 200 Dutch Jews were sent to work on a variety of projects. The forced labourers interned here were known as the Kosel group.

In Kosel, about 80 kilometres from Auschwitz, over 3,500 able-bodied men from differtent countries were set to work as forced labourers on a variety of projects, such as the construction of a motorway between Breslau and Cracow and a huge factory for the production of synthetic fuel at Blechhammer.
In the autumn of 1942, several trains en route from Westerbork to Auschwitz stopped at Kosel. Some 200 Dutch Jews were taken from the train and set to work, while the train with the remaining passangers moved on to the extermination camps. Many of the workers in Kosel died there or ended up being sent to Auschwitz after all. In total, 180 members of the Kosel group survived the war.

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