Apeldoornse Bos

Joodse psychiatrische inrichting. Sinds 1909 werden joodse psychiatrische patiënten hier, volgens de modernste inzichten, behandeld in een bosrijke omgeving bij Apeldoorn.

The Apeldoornse Bos expanded rapidly. By 1938 the institution had 900 patients, including 74 at the Paedagogium Achisomog, a special residential ward for mentally retarded and wayward children.
In the night of 21 to 22 January 1943 the Apeldoornse Bos was ’emptied‘. With Aus der Fünten in charge, the Apeldoornse Bos was searched, and helpless patients were beaten and abused and loaded first into trucks and then transferred to cattle cars. The train with patients and nurses headed straight through to Auschwitz, where almost everybody was killed immediately upon arrival.

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