Glossary and Special topics



Because some terms used in the Monument require explanation, we have provided a glossary. The entries deal with Jewish practices, as well as people and situations related to the persecution of the Jews. In the biographies, the words explained in the glossary are printed in boldface. If you place your cursor over one of these words, a brief explanation will appear. Clicking on the word will take you to the glossary, where additional information is available. You can also consult the glossary directly, using the link below.

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Special topics

For background information about Jewish life in the Netherlands before and during World War II, you can click on ‘Special topics’. This section features information about Jewish life in the Netherlands before 1933, the persecution of the Jews, and other topics, such as Jewish diamond workers, Jewish physicians, Jewish market vendors, Jewish social services, and the garment factory Hollandia-Kattenburg. These topics shed light on the biographies, photos, and documents included in the Monument.

- Special topics -

Spanjaardslaan, Leeuwarden

One special page of the Monument presents a house in Leeuwarden and its Jewish occupants. During the war, unique recordings of this house were made. A man who lived across the street at the time filmed the De Jongh family leaving the house, on their way to Westerbork. A second short film shows the house being stripped bare a few days later. Both films can be viewed here. In addition, you can take a virtual walk through a three-dimensional digital reconstruction of the house. The inventories of the belongings removed from the house are projected onto the walls. Accompanying teaching materials are available on the same page.

- Spanjaardslaan, Leeuwarden -