Charlotte and her mother Rosa (Röschen)

Door: rpm_bln

Charlotte lived together with her mother Rosa née Hoffmann, nicknamed Röschen, and father Simon Kirschner in Neue Kantstr. 26 in Berlin. Charlotte's father, the merchant Simon Kirschner, died in 1920. This address is on Simon's death certificate and his wife and daughter still lived there in 1935. Charlotte (probably together with her mother) emigrated to Amsterdam on 15 April 1936. They lived together in Kerkstraat 457-459 from 25 January 1940. At some point they were forced to go to Westerbork Transit Camp. Charlotte was deported to Auschwitz on 21 September 1942. Rosa was deported from Westerbork to Auschwitz on 9 February 1943.

Sources. Amsterdam Archiefkaarten; Birth and death certificates from Landesarchiv Berlin (via ancestry); Berliner Adressbuch 1935.