Page of Testimony for Meier Schupper

Door: John Stienen

Page of Testimony for Meir Schupper [Yad Vashem Collection]

According to his aunt, Tova Salai, Meier Schupper was murdered in Auschwitz in 1943. After the war she submitted a Page of Testimony to that end at Yad Vashem.

Last Name Schupper
First Name Meier
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1922
Place of Birth Kańczuga
Father's First Name Hersh
Mother's First Name Pesia
Marital Status Single
Permanent Place of Residence Haag
Profession Student
Place during the War Haag
Place of Death Oświęcim
Date of Death 1943
Status according to Source murdered
Submitter's Last Name Salai
Submitter's First Name Tova
Relationship to Victim Aunt
Source Yad Vashem - Pages of Testimony Names Memorial Collection
Type of material Page of Testimony
Item ID 524695