Hombergh van FAMILY
Hombergh van Petrus (1880 - 1954 )

Rescue Story
Hombergh van, Petrus Paulus Joseph
During the war, Petrus (Pieter) van Hombergh hid Frans Busnac in his home in Tilburg, North-Braband. Frans came from a large Jewish family and was being hunted by a well-known Dutch antisemite and officer in the SD from Tilburg by the name of Gerrits. Gerrits tracked Frans down and he and Pieter were arrested and deported to the death camps, where they perished. Frans’s nephew, Barend Busnac, was an active member of the Resistance,and was caught and executed after assaulting Gerrits.
On June 28, 1984, Yad Vashem recognized Petrus Paulus Joseph van Hombergh as Righteous Among the Nations.

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