Gerda Bloch

Berlijn, – Los Gatos, CA,

Bereikte de leeftijd van 90 jaar




Gerda B. Mosse, 90, a Holocaust survivor who devoted her career to helping people and improving their well-being, died January 7 in Los Gatos. Gerda worked for many years as a county social worker in northern California. After her retirement at age 65, she worked as a psychotherapist at Hope Services until age 83, when she retired a second time.

The daughter of Ilse and Richard Bloch, Gerda was a…

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Doris Bloch

A College Excellent & Nice

After fleeing Germany and hiding from Nazi occupation in Holland, sisters Gerda ’49 and Doris Bloch ’51 made their way to South Hadley to continue their interrupted education.

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Onderduik gezin Bloch-Catz

Marieke Faber Clarke, 'Ank Faber-Chabot. A Dutchwoman who Sheltered Jews in the Second World War', in: Shirley Ardener e.a. (eds), War and Women across Continents. Autobiographical and Biographical Experiences (New York, Oxoford 2018), p. 35-52.

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