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Herdenk Lilli Kellner

Lilli Kellner

Keulen, – Gemeente niet bekend, date unknown



About Lilli Kellner

Lilli Kellner arrived in the Netherlands as a German refugee on 22 November 1938. She was taken in at various assembly points for Palestine Pioneers. From 5 January 1940 until 7 December 1942 she lived as a ward at the youth aliyah home in Loosdrecht, the Paviljoen Loosdrechtse Rade. Afterwards she went into hiding. She left her hiding place to try to escape to Switzerland together with seven othe…

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Lilli Kellner werd gedeporteerd met transport XVII van Mechelen naar Auschwitz op 31 oktober 1942.

Bron: List of the Jews deported from Belgium - Jewish Museum of Deportation and Resistence at Mechelen / Malines

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Lilli Kellner

Her parents were Milli Schonberg, born in Krakau in 1898, and Leo Kellner, born in 1897 in Krakau. They were in Antwerp (Bouwhandelstr. 68) just before the war.
Last address in Germany: Köln, Burgunderstr. 4
Source: National Archive, 2.04.58, inv. 130 and others

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Lilli Kellner

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Address & residents

Address in June 1942

Paviljoen Loosdrechtse Rade

C 8 rood, Loosdrecht

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