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Herdenk Theodora Sealtiel-Leon

Theodora Sealtiel-Leon

Amsterdam, – Sobibor,

Reached the age of 26 years



About Theodora Sealtiel-Leon

Theodora Leon was an amateur ballerina and assisted her husband in his tailory.
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The parents of Theodora Leon survived the war. She was a sister of Abraham and Sara.
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Izaak Sealtiel and his family

Izaak Sealtiel was a son of Samuel Sealtiel and Schoontje Zwaaf. He was a tailor. He was married to Theodora Leon. The couple lived at 68 Nieuwe Prinsengracht in Amsterdam. On 16 May 1943, Izaak Sealtiel died in Vught concentration camp.
Records concentration camp Vught, Sterbebuch 1943

Izaak Sealtiel and Theodora Leon married in 1938 in Amsterdam.
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