About Adolf Bargeboer

Adolf Bargeboer was a son of Abraham Bargeboer, a cigar manufacturer of Winschoten and Sara de Vries. He married  Martha Cohen on 27 July 1920 in Amsterdam, a daughter of the merchand Louis Cohen and Bertha Salomon. The couple had three children, all born in Rotterdam, namely Bernard in 1922, Hannie Sonja in 1923 and Louise Bertha in 1925. However their daughter Hannie Sonja died 24 January 1924, only one month old. The other children Bernard and Louise Bertha have been killed, toghether with their parents on 24 September 1943 in Auschwitz.

Adolf Bargeboer was born into a manufacturer family of in total of seven children. Beside Adolf self, there were his siblings Charlotte, Henriette, Hartog, David, Helena and Erna. His sisters Charlotte and Erna and his brother David and he self have lost their lives during the period of the Holocaust.

Adolf’s brother Hartog, alsl known as Otto Bargeboer, has died 16 May 1923 in Berlin and was interred in the Jewisch Cemetery of Muiderberg on Sunday 20 May 1923.  His sisters Henriette and Helena have survived the Shoah: from a family obit of the Central Bureau for Genealogy it has appeared that Henriette has died in Jerusalem in 1963; his sister Helena married 7 August 1906 the manufactuer of confectionery Sander Meijer from Bedum, who however passed away in Amsterdam on 9 December 1925, 46 years old and who was interred in the Jewish Cemetery of Muiderberg.

Known about Helena Meijer-Bargeboer is that she obtained a visa for the United States of America in Zürich on 27 March 1940 and that she was listed on a ships manifest of alien passengers, sailing at the SS Manhattan as a 55-year old widow from Genua to New York on the 2nd of June 1940 and that she has immigrated in the USA. Further nothing is known of her.

After the wedding of Adolf and Martha, the couple has resided for some time in Switzerland but they have returned from Neuenegg in Switzerland to the Netherlands on 6 April 1921 and settled in Rotterdam at Prins Hendrikstraat 9b, where their three children have been born. On 18 October 1926 they moved again from Rotterdam to Scheveningen, where Adolf Bargeboer was managing director of the N.V. Dikkers & Bargeboer and were they resided at the Oude Scheveningseweg 112. They stayed at this address certainly till April 1942 but his wife Martha Cohen and their two suriving children have been moved certainly on time more in Den Haag City to Adelheidstraat 194.

From the archive of the Jewish Council it appeared that the Adolf Bargeboer family has been registered in Camp Westerbork on 31 July 1943, where they had to stay in barack 67. Adolf Bargeboer however has made great efforts from Camp Westerbork to exempt his family from deportation.  On 4 August 1943 a renewed descent request has been sent to the German officer Hans Callmeyer in respect to the non-Jewish branch of the Bargeboers, through Mr. Van Bemmel-Suyck of the Alexanderstraat 18 in Den Haag. Callmeyer was oft prepared to allow exempt from deportation if there should be some doubt about descent. During the month of August 1943 there has been exchanged an intensive correspondence which has however not lead  to the desired exemption; Adolf Bargeboer, his wife Martha Cohen, his son Bernard and daughter Louise Bertha eventually have been deported on 21 September to Auschwitz, where they all have been killed immediately upon arrival there on 24 September 1943.

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