About Izaak Baks

Izaak Baks was a son of Abraham Jozef Baks and Saarte Frank. He married Leentje van Leeuwen in Naaldwijk on 26 August 1907, a daughter of Alexander van Leeuwen and Sara Os. In 1909 their son Abraham was born. He married Mindla Malinger from Poland and in 1938 they had a daughter Lena. But also Abraham and his family were killed in the Shoah.

Izaak Baks was born into a family with six children, of whom one son born in 1883 has died already in 1884, only 1 year old. His other siblings were Rosette born in 1875, Maurits born in 1877, Jozef born in 1881, he self born in 1885 and Mietje born in 1888. They have been all killed in the Shoah. His parents were married in Deventer on 8 April 1869 and they have died already before the war.

According information from the registration card from the Archive of the Jewish Council, Izaak Baks' profession was also concierge, stoker of the bath and corpse carrier at the N.I.G. Den Haag (Nederlands Israelitische Gemeente Den Haag) and he was "gesprerrt because of function" - safeguarded from deportation "bis auf weiteres"- until further notice). On 9 May Izaak and his wife were brought into camp Westerbork, stayed in barack 57 and they were deported to Sobibor on 11 May and upon arrival there they were killed immediately on 14 may 1943.

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