Maria Mundji-Roos / Maria Fikri (Bey) Mundij-Roos

echtgenote van Fikri ‘Bey’ (sir) Mundij (Münci) consul-general voor het Ottomaanse Rijk

Maria Fikri (Bey) Mundij-Roos (5 October 1882). Her name is only in the transport list. The Jewish Monument knows Maria as an interpreter, living at the Rijnstraat 10 in The Hague. The Monument presumes she died, but doesn't know a date or place of death.
From a Fikri ‘Bey’ (sir) Mundij (Münci) is known that he served as consul-general to the Ottoman Empire; he also was a literary man. It is very likely he was the husband of Maria Roos. He will have been born around 1869. In 1892 his son Feridun Fikri Düsünsel was born ( - he became a well-known Turkish lawyer and member of parliament.
New York
On 20 August 1899 the New York Times published an interview together with a photo of Fikri Bey. At that time Mundji was thirty years old and since a year and a half the sultan’s representative in USA. His fluency in English is praised by the newspaper. Fikri Bey is also fluent in some other languages the journalist adds. His father, H. Fikri Pasha, was governor of a few Ottoman provinces. Since 1887 Fikri Bey was in the sultan's service. Before his position in New York, he worked three years as a consul in Greece. He wrote books with titles as ‘The bitterness of life’, ‘Flight to death’ and ‘The pink handkerchief’, in which a personal romance was worked into.
British Empire
From a note on the site of the English National Archives (1916) it appears that Fikri Mundji had also the position of consul-general in the British Empire. He asked to have his personal belongings sent over to Amsterdam ( In January 1916 the battle of the Dardanelles (‘Gallipoli’) ended, in which the English and their allies in vain tried to get hold of the entrance to Istanbul. Turkey was on the side of Germany and Austria. Probably because of the hostile relations the Turkish diplomat was extradited.
The Netherlands
It is likely that mr. Mundji stayed for a longer period of time in Holland, possibly also because of diplomatic work in The Hague. In the passport list are as well a Turkish embassy as a consulate in The Hague. Fikri Bey Mundji's date and place of death aren't known either.