Add Stolpersteine

The 'contribute +' button allows you to add Stolpersteine to any person’s memorial page, making other forms of commemoration outside the Jewish Monument visible.

  • Visit a victim’s memorial page on the Jewish Monument and select contribute + and then select add stolperstein. It lands you on a new page. If there is already an address stated, then a stolperstein is already linked to the victim’s page. You can click on this address.
  • If you need to add a Stolperstein, enter an address under List a stolperstein. A list of addresses already in the Monumen appears.
  • Select the address that you need, or click make a new location.
  • Fill in the fields below and click make. The Stolperstein is now linked to the address.
  • In case of wrong entry, click on the x to remove the Stolperstein again.

Visiting a victim’s page and clicking address at the bottom of the page brings you to the address(es). Then click on the address where the stolperstein is. On the new page you will see a message that a stolperstein has been laid.