About Judith Samuels-Englander

Judith Englander was a daughter of Nathan Englander and Lea Rimini. She married 12 March 1932 in Amsterdam the widower Cos Machiel Samuels from Paramaribo, a son of Machiel Nathan Samuels and Rachel Leefmans. Her spouse however, born in 1876, passed away in Den Haag on 9 March 1940. He had a son from his first marriage who has survived the war. Together Judith Englander and Cos Machiel Samuels had no children.

Judith Englander was born into a family of eight children. Two of them (a sister and a brother) have survived the Holocaust. The others, Eliazer, Esther, Jacques, Samuel Henri and Louis, have been killed too in the Shoah.

City Archive of Amsterdam, family registration card of Nathan Englander, archive card of Judith Englander, Municipal Archive of Den Haag, family registration card of Cos Machiel  Samuels and website