About Salomon Meijer Kannewasser

Salomon Meijer Kannewasser was Jones in the singing couple Johnny & Jones. Arnold Simon van Wesel was Johnny. Salomon Kannewasser sold domestic appliances at De Bijenkorf department store in the 1930s. In 1936 Kannewasser and Van Wesel began performing as Johnny & Jones.

In September 1943 they reached Westerbork, where they performed in the famous revue. They worked at the airplane demolition plant in the camp, which sometimes required that they travel to Amsterdam. On one of these journeys to Amsterdam they recorded their music. Their songs included 'Westerbork Serenade', 'Tussen de barakken kreeg ik het te pakken' [It hit me between the barracks] and about the deportation train 'Langs het spoorwegbaantje/schijnt het zilv'ren maantje/op de heide' [Along the railroad tracks/the silver moon shines/on the heath]. In September 1944 they were deported to Theresienstadt, then to Auschwitz. They died at Bergen-Belsen.
De Volkskrant, 2 June 2001

Salomon Meijer Kannewasser and Arnold Simeon van Wesel were second cousins. Salomon Kannewasser was married to a woman who survived the war.
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