About Moses Isaak Pezon

Moses Isaak Pezon was a son of Isaak Pezon and Rebecca Fuchs. He married in Zevenaar on 29 August 1905 to Helena Cohen, daughter of Louis Cohen and Antjen Fortuin. The couple had three children, Rebecca, Izak and Louis who resided with his spouse at the same address.
Moses Isaak Pezon had two sisters Mina and Anna and a brother Selig, who was interred at the Jewish Cemetery in Diemen on 8 August 1921, 26 years of age.
City Archive of Amsterdam, archive card of Louis Pezon, Moses Isaak Pezon, website and an addition of a visitor of the website.

The name Mozes Isaak Pezon features on a hand-written list of all the individuals who held offices within the Dutch-Jewish Community in Haarlem. Photos remain of all the staff members. Mozes Isaac Pezon was assistant-secretary, cantor, religious education teacher and shochet with the Jewish community of Haarlem, as well as teacher at the Institute for Religon Gemieloeth Chassadiem.
Jewish Historical Museum, Documents collection, 1001

There is a circumcision register of Mozes Isaac Pezon from 1917-1942.
Joods Historisch Museum, Documentenverzameling, 9348