About Barend Busnac

Barend Busnac was an office clerk. He was unmarried. Within the Spaendonck group, he carried out work for the resistance. Barend Busnac was caught on 24 January 1944 in Tilburg and imprisoned in the Groot-Seminarie in Haaren. On 26 May 1944, he was executed by firing squad near the Rustende Jager in the Drunen Dunes.
//NIOD, Erelijst Verzet en Koopvaardij, database made by J.W. de Leeuw;
B. Braber, Zelfs als wij zullen verliezen. Joden in verzet en illegaliteit in Nederland 1940-1945 (Amsterdam, 1990) 144-145//

This person lived alone or no information about family members is known or traceable.