About Juda Pinkhof

Juda Pinkhof was a son of 510524 and Sophie de Beer.
Stadsarchief Amsterdam, archiefkaart Sallie Pinkhof

Juda Pinkhof attended the agricultural school in Wageningen. When Jews were prohibited there, he went to the Paviljoen Loosdrechtse Rade youth aliyah home in Loosdrecht. After leaving the home in Loosdrecht, he went into hiding. He left the address where he was in hiding to try to escape to Switzerland with seven other Palestine Pioneers (Siegbert Leo Adler, Bernard Aschheim, Robert Jozef Dürheim, Lilli Kellner, Fabian Schön, Jossel Waldmann en Esra Jurovics). They were caught at the Belgian border.
F. van der Straaten, Om nooit te vergeten. Herinneringen en belevenissen aan/van Palestina-Pioniers in Nederland gedrurende de oorlogsjaren 1939-1945 (Mijnsheerenland s.a.) 97, 215

The mayor of Loosdrecht requested that Juda Pinkhof be located, detained and brought to trial for having changed his place of residence without the required authorization. This description referred to Jews who had gone into hiding.
Algemeen Politieblad, nr 35, 3 September 1942, 997, notice 1722

This person is commemorated on a memorial in Loosdrecht and on a memorial in Wageningen and on a memorial in Wageningen. More information on these memorials can be found (in Dutch) on the website of the Nationaal Comité 4 en 5 mei.