About Jacob Nunes Vaz

Jacob Nunes Vaz was the only son of Isaac Nunes Vaz and Daatje Kinsbergen.
Amsterdam Municipal Archives; record card of Daatje Kinsbergen

Jacob Nunes Vas (known as Jaap) lived in Amsterdam. Jaap Nunes Vas became a journalist after completing higher secondary school. He joined the Onafhankelijke Socialistische Partij (OSP). At first he worked for the Vaz Dias press agency. Later he joined the ANP, where he was fired for being Jewish. He then did translations and wrote a booklet on aviation. The first meeting of the Parool editorial board was held in his room on the Keizersgracht. He served on the editorial board and eventually became the executive editor and wrote lead articles. During a search, his hiding place was discovered. On 25 October 1942 he was caught in Wageningen. From the Scheveningen convict prison, Jacob Nunes Vaz was deported via Westerbork to Sobibor, where he was killed.
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Jacob Nunes Vaz was a memeber of the Socialisties Jeugdverbond [Socialist Youth Alliance], from 1932 till 1935. The artist Meijer Bleekrode, a personal friend from his years at the OSP, painted a portrait of Jacob Nunes Vaz. Also a street is named after him in Amsterdam.
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