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Moritz Cohen

Neustadtgödens, – Sobibor,

Reached the age of 53 years



About Moritz Cohen

German Jews living in the Netherlands lost their citizenship and became stateless following a Nazi decree issued on 25 November 1941. This happened to Moritz Cohen and his wife and child. Moritz Cohen had a shop known as the Marktwinkel in Aalten. Moritz Cohen and his child were in hiding in Lichtenvoorde, where they were betrayed and caught.
P. Lurvink, De joodse gemeente in Aalten. Een geschiede…

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Moritz Cohen

1) Jeanette (Schoontje) m. to David
Leeser Josephs
2) Bernard 1865/1932 to: Johanna
3) Philipp Victor to: Clara Falkenfeld
4) Mathilda to: Bernard Ezechiel Slijper
and to: Matthijs S. Hakkert
5) Johanna "Hannie"
6) Georgina 1874 Neustadgödens/1925
Rotterdam to: Matthijs S. Hakkert
7) Elise to Philip van Gelder
8) Wolf Wilhelm 1877 Neustadgödens/

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Moritz Cohen- Dina Japhet

1) Margarete Minchen "Grete" Cohen b.
7 Oct 1913 in Neustadtgödens, d. 21 Aug 1985 in Buenos Aires, to Erich
Grünebaum b. 1 Mar 1914 in Darfeld,
d. 23 Dec 1983 in Buenos Aires. (Joseph Grünebaum and Jenny Humberg)
My parents married 15 Apr 1936 in Amsterdam
Roberto Enrique Grünebaum to Sara Sabah.
Silvia Carolina Grünebaum to Heriberto
Rodolfo Neumann 1940-1989

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Verbonden met David Glaser.

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