Help with using Jewish Monument

Wat zijn de mogelijkheden van deze website. Hier volgt een overzicht.

Search and remembrance

From the main menu or by using the advanced search you can look up specific people you want to commemorate. Each victim has its own memorial page.

Further you can add information of all kinds to the individual memorial pages. Use the button contribute + bottom right on the screen on each individual memorial page.

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Add photos and images

It's possible to add pictures or films. Use contribute + on a person’s individual memorial page to add text or image. You can add an image (or multiple images), a film, an image and text, or text only. If an image depicts more than one person, you can connect the photo with all those people.

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Add stories

Any text that you add, however short or long, is indicated on the website as a story. A story is usually placed on a person's page by using the button contribute +. You can connect the story to more than one person. To place a contribution which is not directly related to one person, you can do so via My Account (top right), clicking Add story.

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Add call

Are you looking for information about a particular person or survivor? Then you can add a call to the Monument. Go to the page of the person you want to know something about, click contribute + and Place a call.

Indicate family relations and add people to the Monument

The Jewish Monument allows you to supplement each person's family relationships. You can connect two people who are both victims and specify their relationship. Use the button contribute + / complete family relations.

If you want to complete a family relation between a person on the Monument and a person that is not yet on the Monument, such as survivors or people who were already deceased before the war, you can add a person to the Jewish Monument. This is possible for the generation of victims (brother / sister / partner), or the generation before (parents) and after (children). The persons who are added in this way always have the entry Added by a user.

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Add addresses 

Of almost all the victims one address is included in the Monument. This is the place where people lived at the time of the compulsory registration of Jewish inhabitants in the Dutch municipalities. This address was not always the place where the family had lived for years or even for generations. Therefore, you can supplement other addresses yourself. Use the button contribute + / Add an address.

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Add information about Stolpersteine

Nowadays more and more Stolpersteine (or other memorials dedicated to the memory of one individual) are placed, to remember people murdered during the Shoah. It’s important to know that someone is commemorated in this way and we want to show this information on the Monument. We ask you to report a Stolperstein or other individual memorials, using the button contribute + / Add a Stolperstein.

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Add links to other websites

A  person’s memorial page on the Monument has the option to add links to other sites on which that person is listed. Thus it becomes clear that someone is also commemorated on another website. Just go to the person's memorial page and click on contribute + / Add link. In the new screen fill in the address of the webpage under the URL. Below, at Link text, you enter the name of the website. In the field Link description you can place a description.

On the right you see the name of the person concerned. Below you can connect the link with other people on the Monument using the button + add: person.

Your account

In order to be able to make additions to the Monument you need to create an user account. The only thing that you need is an e-mail address. For viewing the monument in its entirety, with all the additions posted by users, it is advisable to log in.

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Your profile page lists all your own contributions.

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Send a message via profile page

Via the profile of another user you can instantly send that person an e-mail, using the button send email. Your e-mail program opens a new message addressed to the user you want to mail.