Hans Georg Löwenhardt (Lowe)

Dortmund-Hörde, – Johannesburg,

Reached the age of 91 years



I am family

I am the son of Siegmund and Margarete Lowenhardt and the brother of Ursula Berta and Manfred Lowenhardt.My brother Manfred and I were sent to England in 1939 with the help of our uncle William Hermens and Mrs Mary Guy in London.I was born on the 12 March 1924, Manfred in 1926 in Dortmund. I have been residing in South Africa since 1970, and available for further information.

Thank You and regar…

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Letter to George

In March 2011 the author was contacted by George, a then 87 year old relative who knew the author’s grandparents Adolf and Julia Löwenhardt well before in 1939 he was put on one of the ‘Kindertransports’ to London. In the intervening 72 years George (born as Hans-Georg) had not been in touch with any of his Löwenhardt relatives hailing from Dortmund. For George I wrote this story about what happened to Adolf and Julia after they fled their home town in the Summer of 1936…

Read the entire letter at http://loewenhardtfoundation.org/en/2012/letter-to-george/

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