Community and the Digital Monument

A new community alongside the existing Digital Monument

The familiar Digital Monument will continue to exist alongside the Jewish Monument Community. The Digital Monument was established with the objective of preserving the memory of all Jews in Holland who perished in the Shoah. The Jewish Monument Community serves as an additional, varied and interactive way of achieving this goal.

The Digital Monument site will be maintained by the Jewish Historical Museum as it is: a monument memorializing victims of the Shoah in the Netherlands. The main priority being respect for the victims.

The Jewish Monument Community site works differently. This site enables you to add whatever information you like, by yourself. On the community site, you will find all the people and information currently listed on the Digital Monument site. However, the community site offers you the tools to add information about these individuals yourself, whether that information concerns family relationships, photos or biographical details. You can also add articles about related topics. You can independently add all this information to the Jewish Monument Community website.

Where basic information about an individual on the Jewish Monument Community, such as date or place of birth, or family relationships, is wrong or missing, you can add the correct information in a comment.
In addition, you can pass this basisc information on to the Digital Monument editors. The editors will then check the information and make the necessary changes to the Digital Monument site. This may take some time. Changes made by the editors then become visible on the Jewish Monument Community too. The following is a summary of basic information you can send to the editors:

Basic information:
• Date and place of birth
• Date and place of death
• Address
• Family members living at the same address
• People not yet included in the Digital Monument. All Dutch Jews who died between May 1940 and July 1945, regardless of the cause of death, are entitled to be included on the Digital Monument and Jewish Monument sites.

Please note: Only pass this kind of basic information on to the editors at the Digital Monument. Simply add all other information to the Jewish Monument site yourself.