Indicating family relationships

Using the 'Contribute+' button you can add relatives and create pages for persons not yet on the Monument. So you can add pre- and post-war family members. Thus several generations within a family become visible as well as the (dis) continuity in the Dutch Jewish community.

  • Navigate to the personal page of the individual to whom you want to add a relative, and click on Contribute + /Complete Family Relations. A list of people already connected as family relationship is displayed here.
  • Enter family relationships at the bottom of the page. Select in the drop-down menu what kind of relationship you want to add. First indicate whether it is a user, a victim, survivor or any other family member. This is necessary because the website's search engine searches per category. Type a first name and surname in the appropriate text boxes to access a list of names with dates of birth. Select the person you want to add as a relative by clicking on the name.
  • Is the person not in the list? Then you create a new person using Add new family member. Fill in the fields below and click make. A new personal page is generated for the new person, but the family relationship with the existing person is not displayed on the page. However, the relationship is automatically displayed on the person’s memorial page to whom you've connected the new family member. The person you've added receives a grey page. 
  • When you are ready to publish the page, select Save page. All persons you have added are listed under My Account menu in the menu bar at the top right of every page. Select see all your contributions on your profile page. On this page you can edit the data and remove persons.



Parents unknown

Some victims have as a parent: parent unknown. Do you know who the parents were? You can not add them to the victim’s page. The site does not accept new parents because the victim has already two parents who are called parent unknown. You will have go to the page of the unknown parent and click on edit. It opens a new window where you can enter the missing information. Click Send. The information is sent to the editor who will adjust the data.