Writing and publishing a story

The following is a list of step-by-step instructions for writing a new story or article and publishing it on Jewish Monument.

You can add a story in two ways:
1. To add a story which is about one person, scroll to the victim’s memorial page and click contribute+/write a story. This story will be automatically connected with the person's memorial page.
2. Selecting My Account at the top right on every page opens a menu with a white background. Click on Add story.

Both options will take you to the same page where you can write a story:

  • Add one or more images or a movie via the button Add media item. Locate the files on your computer and click Upload file.
    Read more about adding images here
  • Enter a title. By way of a subtitle, enter a succinct description of your article.
  • Fill in the summary field to write the introduction to the article. This summary is displayed on the page in a larger font.
  • Enter the main body of your article in the Text box. Use the Normal subheading, Italics, Bold, and Hyperlink buttons to vary the layout of your text and make it easier to read.
  • Other fields you can fill in on the right: + add: person to connect a person mentioned in the article to the story. You can also add new persons that are not yet in the Monument. And you can indicate who can view the page: everyone or only logged in members. This you can specify in the drop-down menu under Visible for.
  • Copyright: you can choose from several options under this button for determining the extent to which your content is legally protected. Click on i for a brief explanation of the kind of copyright.
  • Click Save to save and publish the article. Your published articles are listed under My Account menu in the menu bar at the top right of every page. Select see all your contributions on your profile page.