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Willem Robert Neukircher

Den Haag, – Auschwitz,

Reached the age of 18 years


About Willem Robert Neukircher

Willem Robert Neukircher, also known as Wim, was the son of Karl Ivan Hans Neukircher. His mother and two of his siblings survived the war.
At a very young age, Wim contracted meningits and became mentally disabled. For years, he lived at Het Zonnehuis in Zeist, run by Dr Lievegoed, together with other young patients. He was picked up there. His mother reached Switzerland with two of her children…

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Willem Robert Neukircher

Willem Robert Neukircher vestigde zich op 26 januari 1938 in Zeist. Hij werd op 9 februari 1944 uitgeschreven met de vermelding 'vertrokken onbekend waarheen'.


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