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Alexander van Leeuwen

Tilburg, – Midden-Europa,

Reached the age of 15 years



About Alexander van Leeuwen

In October 1941 Alexander van Leeuwen was enrolled in the Joods Lyceum in Den Bosch.

Data on Jewish students at schools in Den Bosch and data on students at the Jewish Lyceum [secondary schools that the Nazis forced Jewish students to attend] in Den Bosch.Lists of students at schools in Den Bosch are kept in the municipal archive in Den Bosch.

This person is commemorated on a memorial in Tilburg

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Louis van Leeuwen and his family

Louis van Leeuwen was married. On 12 April 1929 his son Alexander (known as Lexje) was born in Tilburg. The family lived at 41 Gasthuisstraat.

The family members went into hiding in March 1943. They were arrested on 2 August 1944. Alexander van Leeuwen was killed in Central Europe on 15 March 1945. Louis van Leeuwen's wife survived the war.
//A. de Beer and G. Kobes, Het leven gebroken. De gesch…

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